Triton Group Management Consultants
25 years experience

Selected Clients – Past and Present

Aristocrat Leisure Industries
Bard Australia
BHP Coated Products
BHP Stainless
Boral Masonry
CCA Snack Foods
Enterprise Connect
GN Resound
Kirby Heat Transfer
Morson Engineering
Parkland Power Products
Specialised Wholesale & Plastics
Tasman Tanks
The Wrigley Company
Valley Longwall International
Westray Engineering

Client Testimonials

“The World Class Manufacturing program delivered and facilitated by Triton was a major factor in enabling us to advance from a severe cash flow crisis to a record profit before tax of $46.6m in the half year.”
Ian Scott, former General Manager Manufacturing, Aristocrat Leisure Industries

"What impressed us most was Triton's ability to quickly understand and adapt to our individual needs as a business. They were able to successfully integrate into the workforce and identify key program areas with great ease and little disruption. We have no hesitation in recommending Triton for facilitating improvement programs. Their demonstrated ability to communicate across all levels of the organisation whilst generating trust and enthusiasm was very impressive.”
Graham Brown, General Manager, Kirby Heat Transfer

“Station Control has been a major factor in helping us to achieve our objective of real time process control on all aspects of line performance. It has enabled us, on our automated packing line, to develop and use methods that the crew has ownership of. Crews now care enough to do something when there is a problem or a potential problem.”
Bob Frizell, Manager, Springhill Works BHP Coated Products

“ ...the Triton approach provided us with a tailored road map to implement Lean principles and achieve results. The pragmatic way they assisted us enabled us to meet our customer delivery promises. Our critical-to-success delivery performance has improved and has been sustained. Triton have been retained as our advisers and mentors to help us reach higher levels of “world class” performance...”
Geoff Simpson, Managing Director, Westray Engineering

“I have really enjoyed and appreciated our meetings this year and the experience and learning I have been able to gain from you as Mentor.”
Quentin Ryan, Manufacturing Manager, the Tasman Tank Co.


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