Triton Group Management Consultants
25 years experience

Our Holistic Approach

No one size fits all

Because client problems vary depending on size, culture and competitive pressures, we never limit our thinking to a pre-packaged system or technique.
Our integrated approach aims at finding the right balance of purpose, process and people needs to achieve organisational improvement. The approach also ensures mutual agreement of client objectives and meeting key stakeholder expectations.

Why Triton?

We differ from other consultancies in that our team consists of seasoned, career consultants who perform the work with our clients. We do not use inexperienced, junior personnel. Our consultants have acquired first-hand knowledge of what works, and equally important what does not work as a result of line management experience, and from a wide variety of consulting assignments.

Tailored solutions for your culture

lean manufacturingWe utilize and adapt many of the principles, tools and techniques of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and General Electric’s Leadership Curriculum during an assignment to help in developing an innovative problem solving culture. We are advocates of going to the Gemba (the place where value is created). To ensure our practices are leading-edge we regularly research the work of global thought leaders: Edgar Schein, Henry Mintzberg and John Kotter. We also have an extensive body of knowledge which we draw on to suit specific client needs.

To begin the journey

Once clients decide to commence a Lean Transformation and engage our services we make it a priority to understand the existing company culture and attitudes. This involves a review of what people do and how they behave before defining the critical actions and behaviours of a ‘Lean Thinking’ culture. From this platform “new” work and people processes can be designed to reinforce desired behaviours.

Learning is a continuous process

During the assignment roll out we transfer knowledge and skills, both essential to ensure client ownership and continuous improvement/learning (Toyota calls Kaizen). The business improvement skills are transferred through training and on-the-job mentoring.

Making Lean stick

Once change has become embedded and results are being achieved to agreed outcomes a final review is undertaken. The aim: to find demonstrated evidence that behavioural change is being sustained in everyone, every day at every organisation level. In other words, all systems: people, process and purpose are in alignment. ProductivityOnce this commitment to a Lean Thinking culture has been clearly shown we disengage from the consulting process.

Our Experience Counts

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